Emmy nominated Lizzy B. grew up in Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. She did appreciate her exquisite natural surroundings but wanted more and was determined to succeed and expand herself and career in a more expressive, culturally stimulating environment.

Lizzy was captivated by fashion and the abounding creativity of hairstyling early on. She had the rare opportunity to train hands on, starting at 12 years old, where her natural ability and expression was championed. She grew up studying vintage hairdressing textbooks and collectable Vogue magazines and began practicing and experimenting on anyone including herself. This undeniable passion and lust for inspiration & adventure brought her to London England at the age of 21 in 2003.

Lizzy excelled in the diverse opportunities Europe offered. She has thrived working in film,on fashion shows, music videos, advertising campaigns, editorial shoots, teaching, training, charity work, gala events, festivals, location weddings, circus performances, theatre, and cutting, colouring hair & wigs for her private clientele.

Her extensive travels have led to a greater appreciation for the diversity of culture and subculture. Which has resulted in a very bold graphic, yet soft aesthetic and flexible sensibility toward her craft and artistic vision.

Lizzy's technical ability combined with dynamic creativity and an eye for elegance & perfection has led her to push the limits of modern femininity, and finds immense inspiration from midcentury authentic technique. Classic barbering and the allure of glamorous 1950’s Hollywood in the golden era through to the 20's slick lines and perfectly finger waved bobs of the jazz age are still a great source of visual stimulation for her.

Lizzy is an accomplished cutter for men and women, as well as being a skilled colourist for working moms to an international and celebrity clientele. Lizzy specializes in natural golden beachy highlights to dynamic Balayage/Hombre to transformative striking colour.

The undeniable adrenaline rush of backstage has firmly captured Lizzy who has worked with many designers over the past 15 years in New York, London, Milano and Paris. Lizzy Has lived in London, Milano, Paris, Barcelona, LA, Nashville & Vancouver BC.

During the time she was working away, the film industry has boomed in Vancouver, which she is thoroughly excited to be apart of.

After 15 years Lizzy is recently based back in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant, but still has an active British & Canadian passport.